Hymnodia Season 2: Jessica, Victor Hymnvicted!


Victor of Hymnodia
There were thrills and twists as Hymnodia, the triple E (Edification, Education and Entertainment) show, resumed from the enforced Covid-19 break on Sunday, 2nd August, 2020 at the stanza 6 performance show.

The performances were soul-lifting and breath-taking! The Hymntestants came back with fire in their souls and sang like never before to the pleasure of many who were watching in the comfort of their homes on television or via other online channels.

The theme for this stanza was “Duets of Encouragement and Restoration”. At the end of the thrilling performances, the twists began.

The judges adjudged the performance of Duke and Victor the best for the stanza and that of Stephen and Jessica least in the pecking order. But then, came the Hymnviction show and the best and least performing duos of the night lost one half each. The hymnviction was also a “duet” Twist!

Collation of votes is the responsibility of Gbenga Badejo and Co. At the end of collation, the hymntestants with the lowest votes, Jessica and Victor, were Hymnvicted.

Both Jessica, Hymntestant No 1 and Victor, Hymntestant No 2 were stunned and speechless, after their emotional moments. Victor, who spoke first, said “he had made up his mind not to let his partner down even if he was hymnvicted” and Jessica said she was grateful to have come this far and would carry on from here”.

It was emotional for Duke too, Hymntestant No 5, to be losing his duet partner for the second time in the show; a person with whom their performance was the best for the stanza. Twist!

Stanza 6 saw Yinka and Steve nominated for probation for the first time since Season 2 commenced. Twist! For Enenche, Json and Ogochukwu, it is another time to return to their teeming fans to help keep them in the battle for the Asaph, Five million naira and a brand new car are the prizes for the winner of the contest in a grand finale, the Hymncert.

Who will that be? Who gets hymnvicted in the next stanza? Vote and save your favourite hymntestants to stay in the hymnstitute.

Visist www.hymnodiahq.org and follow the prompt.

Hymnodia is a wholesome reality show which is fast gathering fans, viewers across various strata and sections of the country.

This is Hymnodia …the art of worship.

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