I’m Not Dead, Cries Actor Sadiq Daba


The social media’s been abuzz, lately, with the death rumour of actor and television presenter, Sadiq Daba.

Mr. Daba, it would be recalled, has been battling ill health for quite some time. And continues to receive treatment as an outpatient. Though he’s been in and out of hospitals in recent years, Mr. Daba is still alive contrary to the unfounded and baseless story being peddled on the social media that he’s passed on.

Fearless journalist, Azuka Jebose recently got him to react to the rumour and below, and unedited, is the response of the Cock Crow At Dawn star:

“…Azuka, the rumor on social media within the past 12hrs that I am dead, is basically what it is: RUMORS.Azuka… na prayer for longer life for me!! The Almighty Lord is my comforter and benefactor…. He will see me through all my travails…. this is only a passing phase … ALL WILL BE WELL WITH ME , infact, IT IS WELL WITH ME!!!!! My brother, it is rough and tough but, God has been my strength and Will Always be; each passing day is a challenge… the Lord has been ever so faithful…. I give Him thanks and praises!! My thanks to my friends who have stood by me , still standing by me …. Dr. Joe Odumakin, Soni Iraboh, Yakubu Mohammed, General Atofarati, Isiaka Aliyu, my Doctors ( Lagos University Teaching Hospital… Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital , Ile-Ife ) and other kind hearted Nigerians….. thank you: thank you: and to you Azuka for being that special friend, your kindness and words of encouragement have been tremendous… and to my darling Diana Omayeli, thank you 🙏 for your fervent faith and daily prayers…. yes, the LORD is INDEED ABLE and MIGHTY!!…” Sadiq Daba

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