Love Gone Sour: Nigerian Men Kill Wives In America!

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Something strange is currently happening in the United States of America – Nigerian men are killing their wives with reckless abandon. And as at the last count, no fewer than ten of the sad and sordid incidents have been recorded.
YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine gathered that the men resorted to killing their once beloveth wives due to ill-treatment and betrayal of love.
‘The most painful thing is that some of these men having slaved all their lives in America to become successful will return to their hometowns and villages and so on to marry, then bring the women to America, get them enrolled in Nursing Schools, and after graduation and as soon as they begin to make money or earn higher than their husbands will begin to treat them like shit.
‘One of the men, after he couldn’t take it anymore, brazenly shot his wife and then called police; another tied up his wife while asleep, then stabbed her severally till she died and afterwards mutilated her corpse which he distributed at different waste sites. The most shocking, however, was a man that after killing his wife, tied her corpse to his truck and drove her round their estate, leaving the woman’s corpse in a messy state. I can go on and on’.
Undone, our source added that some of these women, mostly from the South East and South West, enjoy getting their husbands evicted from houses they laboured for years to buy at the slightest provocation or argument. And they don’t seem to care. It’s now a regular occurrence to see  Nigerian women sending their husbands packing from home. The kick-out-your-husband madness is just on the increase. In fact, I don’t know what takes over some of these once docile and well behaved women as soon as they come over here.
‘Some of the men also have resorted to suicide when they can’t take it any longer. A couple of them have taken their lives. And it’s just so sad. Some men just take their lives after losing everything while some just kill the women in their moments of anger and temporary insanity.
‘Our people have to change their orientation, and Nigerian men who always rush home to take wives also have to be more careful, because some of these women don’t genuinely love them. They are only interested in leaving Nigeria for America. So, it is when they get here that these guys start seeing their true colour.
‘The Nigerian community in America, just like other men and women of good will, are worried. But you see, there’s actually very little that we can do other than to keep praying and warning both our men and women to always look very well before they leap’, the source who promised to get us names of the victims and more details ended.

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