Movie Lovers Bash Mo Abudu’s Big Daddy 2, Describe It As ‘Waste Of Time’


The producers of Big Daddy 2, obviously, didn’t impress movie buffs with their outing this time. And they have been getting their latches from left, right and Centre.

Since the flick started streaming, criticisms have continued to trail it. And below are just a few of what people are saying about the Mo Abudu production:

Broadcaster Emmanuel Ohiomokhare began by asking a question:“Have you seen this movie?

Maybe you shouldn’t…

The film should not have been made if there was no proper story…because there wasn’t.

Continuity is zero…one scene of apology was repeated thrice in three different places and the apology was accepted all three times. Imagine!!!!

The attempt to do comedy was 30% successful.

The film had some positives – it was star studded and maybe if you would like to see their faces and not the best of their acting, please go ahead and feed your eyes.

Another positive, my friend Goodness Emiene Adaoyiche says the end credits were beautiful. I enjoyed it too. 😀

For a movie by Ebony films and a sequel to one that was well accepted, I think Mo Abudu did Nigerians a serious disservice in producing this Chief Daddy 2.

The movie has been really over hyped.

I hope Christmas in Miami does not disappoint me too.”

Another movie lover, Rhoda Eweka summed it up thu: “Chief Daddy 2,total waste of time,very disappointing.”

Female advocate and mother of Funke Kuti, Laila St. Matthew Daniel, on her part queried: “What the heck is the plot for this movie? Why did so many A-list actors agree to be a part of the movie? Did they not read the script?

It was all over the place and seemed rudderless! Wasted my data and time!

Who else attempted to watch it and what is your opinion?”

On her part, TV gal, Evelyn Obahor said: “Chief Daddy 2. All about the highend wigs and clothes. No substance if you ask me. Just goes to say that a stellar cast does not mean a good movie. #myhumblethoughts”

“So so true. What a waste of time and data,” added Ebiere Assoh Ajibola-Bodude, another movie lover and follower.

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