Opinion (24/1/2021): The Gay In The Cabinet: Between Biden And The Bible – By Steve Osuji


▪︎PROLOGUE: THE BIG GAY BOOST: Some people would rather we don’t talk about President Joe Biden appointing an openly gay fellow into his cabinet. But no, we must also speak about this the way we plodded the entire gamut of the US election all the way to the inauguration.
Yes, President Biden has a government to run and he needs the best hands.
Yes, he’s covered by the laws of the US which uphold the right of gays…
Yes, Biden is never going to change his mind on account of any counter opinion yet this would not obliterate the right of the anti-gay people to raise their concerns and have their say at least. Every true Christian must continue to condemn homosexuality even if he’s the last person standing.
Let me call it THE LOT BURDEN!
And here are the points to ponder on Biden’s most notorious appointment:

▪︎LICENTIOUS LIVING: Just because the world has become more tolerant of the ailment called homosexuality, just because even the Catholic pontiff recently gave a tacit acceptance to the abhorrent practice (well on account of human compassion for each other); just because homosexuals are no longer beheaded or burnt at the stakes; just because many more countries have made laws to protect the right of homosexuals to coexist still does not make it right.
It still doesn’t obliterate the fact that homosexuality is more an ‘infliction’ than an affliction; that it is more nurture than nature; that it is indeed, largely perversion borne out of licentiousness, amoral living and an exploration of the extremities of the darkest nature of man. It is more an acquired medical condition than being innate.

▪︎THE WORD OF GOD HAS NOT CHANGED: The word of God is clear and unambiguous about this depravity, this abomination against man and God. The bible is full of teachings, warnings and concerns about homosexuality regardless that man, modern man has tried to overwhelm himself with his own human interpretations.
They have compared homosexuality with other kinds of sin but that’s sheer deceit. Another word for HOMOSEXUALITY IS ABOMINATION! The very fact that it is a NON-PROCREATIVE sexual act makes it a negation of our very life; a negation of God and of God’s regenerative powers of creation! No other sin does this manner of mortal harm to man; no other sin so REPUDIATES GOD.
Yes, man may seem to be winning this eternal war against this evil but who wins against God?
Men of Sodom and Gomorrah got so carried away in their licentiousness that they openly demanded that Lot must surrender his fair guests (angels of God) for them to sodomise.
Nothing would placate them, not even Lot’s offer of his beautiful virgin daughters would they accept… the men of S and G had become so powerful in the society and so depraved that they would move in gangs to seize fellow men and ravage them!
Some day soon, if you don’t belong to the homosexual fraternities, you would never get a good job or make good in life… the day would come when evil would reign over good!
It was such a day that dawned in S and G that God was moved to anger to set the amoral cesspit on fire!
Such a day dawned when God could not find even five persons worthy enough for him to spare Sodom and Gomorrah on their account.
We pray that people of God, like Lot would always remain to intercede on behalf of humanity… we can only pray that God is not pushed once again to express his ANGER BY FIRE…

▪︎EPILOGUE: THE BIGGEST GAY BOOST: The world, nay, the West has pushed the limits and boundaries of homosexual rights in the last century and they are winning, one must acknowledge.
Being openly gay is fast becoming a norm. Two prime ministers (Luxembourg and Serbia) are openly gay. The deputy PM of New Zealand and Jens Spahn, Germany’s top politician are all openly gay.
But none of them can be compared with PETE BUTTIGIEG who has been appointed US Secretary of Transport by President Biden. A former Mayor, Pete is the first openly gay to run for nomination as a presidential candidate. He ran a good campaign, it must be acknowledged and he is just as well a potential president of the UNITED STATES especially now that he’s a senior cabinet member.
His appointment is no doubt the greatest push ever received by the gay movement… it is the strongest and most singular message to the world that homosexuality is cool.
The optics of it is so bright it’s blinding. The young adolescent and teenager the world over has been relieved of whatever dissonance that had troubled him hitherto concerning homosexuality. Pete is a great leap forward for the gay community, but a blistering assault on Christianity as well as humanity.
But it need be noted that one abomination leads to another and yet another darker one… until man becomes completely oblivious of his humanity and godliness…that is the present danger!
But who can deign to fathom the workings of God? Who can contend on his behalf?
We can only pray for His mercy…

– Osuji is a respected journalist

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