Incredible things are still happening in Nigeria. And here is another – an ex-member of the Federal House of Representatives whose first name is Abayomi, YES INTERNATIONAL! magazine has it on good authority, just put two blood sisters in the family way. The randy and reckless politician in the last political dispensation who is from the South West was able to break this world record because the two sisters, Shola and Bolaji, don’t live in the same place. While the former resides in London, the latter is based in Nigeria. Abayomi, our findings revealed, is also into business and his tentacles spreads as far as the United Kingdom and the United States America. It was during one of his trips to London that he met Shola. But unknown to her, the man was also dating her younger sister, who was then working in the National Assembly.
The romance with the two sisters was so hot to the extent that the man impregnated both of them at some point. The drama is still unfolding, with many not knowing how this abomination will be atoned for. Meanwhile, the two sisters are still oblivious of what is happening, and have been concentrating instead on the pampering they are enjoying from the politician who has a wife at home – and now two more outside.

NB: First published March 2014

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