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Prof. Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP), an opposition party in the United Kingdom; Chairman, Commonwealth Alliance Treaty Commission and President, Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC), in this thought-provoking interview, discusses her newest Saintism religion, how millionaires, billionaires could impact on the lives of the people by keying into it and other issues. Enjoy…


Prof.-Alexia-Thomas-1Kindly take us through the unveiling of Saintism religion.

Saintism practice is the religion that appreciates the beauty of human creation. The movement of the Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) gave birth to the Saintism practice. Saintism religion is about using the powers of natural mystic to regress to the orthodox teachings, perceiving nature’s equilibrium where humans agree to accept other breeds by emanating energy from the mystics of nature.


How about the Saintism world?

A Saintist sees God as the mystic of nature, spirit of spell bound, inventor of universe, unprecedented.


Can you take us through Saintism practice?

Saintism religion is the birth of realness in human oneness, human companionship, without the birth of blood lineage, human love, without the urge of sex. Saintism practice is life, world, creation, birth, death, acceptability and protection. Those who practice Saintism are called Saintists and are allowed to use the title of Saint, instead of Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc.


What are Saintism’s morals?

Saintism religion is the saviour of humanity; Saintism practice is the protection of human race. Saintists are human guardian angels.


What does Saintism Assembly represent?

Saintists gather in an assembly. Saintism Assembly is called Crest House. Saintist practice is about sharing one’s wealth equally with people you know and those not known.


How is Saintism donation made?

In Saintism practice, those who share their wealth are referred to as manna givers and those who benefit from saints’ wealth are called manna receivers. Saintism religion is the 21st century evolutionary religion to rule over Christian religion and Muslim religion.


What is the perception of Saintism religion as regards other religions?

The churches and pastors and mosques and imams are welcome to practice Saintism religion. The Saintism religion does not recognize the headship of church, title of pastors and mosque title of imam, but instead prefers to address them as saints, because they teach morals about life. However, Saintism religion fault the pastors and imams’ practice of individualism, because their congregations donate to the headship of the religion, like churches collect tax through tithes. The Saintism religion expects the pastors and imams to work as shepherds managing their sheep. So, shepherds direct the rich amidst their congregations to share their wealth with the poor.


What do you mean by Saintist practice books?

The Saintism religion allows the Saintists the use of religious books like the Bible and the Koran, hence both books do not belong to the church or mosque, as it was actually written before the coming of Christian religion and Muslim religion.


Professor-Alexia-ThomasCan you tell us more about Saintism religion?

I noticed that I am a Saintist. i am a Saintist. and as a Saintist, I practice Saintism. my religion is Saintism religion. I have introduced a new religion that would take over the Christian religion and Muslim religion. As a Saintist, Saintism religion simply means appreciating human creation. You appreciate the beauty of human creation. You love humanity; dignifying human creation is Saintism. The word Saintism comes from the word Saint. From saint, it becomes Saintism religion.

Basically, I had noticed that I love to share my wealth with people. I define happiness as when I share my wealth with people, but I did not know I was practicing Saintism religion. I have workers earning 14,000 Pounds. From 14,000 Pounds, they were promoted to 18,000 Pounds, From 18,000 Pounds to 30, 000 Pounds within a space of just three months. Some from 14,000 Pounds to 24,000 Pounds. Within a space of three months, I have awarded extra 70,000 Pounds bonuses. Also, I did realize that the staff themselves have not been very faithful, because as a mother of saint, I remember when people talked to me. I said to them, why do you speak vain words to me? And I always say to people, I am a saint. When I criticize you, you know it is for real; you have done something negative. My criticism is without prejudice; my criticism is to tell you the truth. If I were to criticize you, you don’t flag me down. The way you flag down a common man or a common person, you cannot flag me down like that because I am telling you the truth.

I am a mother of saint. Then, I did realized that my staff have not been very loyal, may be because I award them so much money, may be they don’t actually know the reason behind it or they think I over-like them; I am spoiling them, I don’t want them to go. May be that is why I am giving them so much money. They did not understand why I was doing what I was doing. I also did not understand what was motivating me to do what I am doing. I have had friends, they are with me, and their husbands call them and their husbands say: “Oh, we are going to go to Nigeria. Is there any place we are going to borrow money?” And I say to the woman, who is that? She says “My husband”. ‘So, how much does he need?” I just award money to the man and I don’t even know him.

But I have other situations where the man would call from Nigeria and ask the wife if she could give him a 100 Pounds to buy Egusi (African Delicacy)? And the woman would say “I don’t have”. I would say to the woman, but you earn 24,000 Pounds, how could you not give your husband 100 Pounds? Then, you see me awarding money to the man, 1,000 Pounds, just like that. The woman could have actually felt: “Hmn, this one that she keeps giving my husband money.” She may have told a friend: “She gives my husband money”. Guess what people would say: “Oh, are you sure she is not going to take your husband away?” (Laughs). Of course, that is just human. It is just like me now beginning to give you so much money, your wife may think well, it is possible for me to give you so much and say: “Follow me,” and you will follow me. But now, I have been able to understand that it is Saintism religion. My ability to share my wealth with people is what makes me happy. It was not that I wanted to please the man or please the woman, but it is a religion whereby sharing my wealth with people makes me happy.


When did you discover you are divinely endowed for this?

I did not know that; I discovered that just weeks ago. In Saintism religion, some of the practices: you could be walking on the street and you see a crippled man, your ability to just look at that man; admire that man and buy a walking stick or a wheel chair without even knowing the man, go to his house and drop it for him, that is Saintism religion. In Saintism religion, you may be walking on the street and you see a beggar. You don’t go giving a beggar 5 Pounds or 10 Pounds. Your ability to take your salary of 1,500 Pounds in the month, go to the beggar and share your salary half with the beggar, and say to the beggar: “My salary is 1,500 Pounds, take 750 Pounds from my salary,” that is Saintism religion.


Tell us about Saintism religion’s relevance to human daily lives.

Saintism religion practice could also be depicted in the sense that every month, you send a thousand Pounds to your mother in Nigeria. Your ability to be able to share that money into two, and give it to your mother’s friend, by giving your mother 500 Pounds and her friend 500 Pounds is Saintism religion. Saintism religion is about you saying: “My wife, every month I give you a pocket money of 1,000 Pounds.” Your ability to share the 1,000 Pounds with your wife and give it to her neighbour, her friend is Saintism religion. The church will call it a church, but in Saintism practice, we call it assembly, because those who gather to meet in Saintism religion they go to what is called an assembly where they meet themselves. For example, going by how a church normally operates: if in a church there are 100 congregants, now 100 congregants in the church have this belief that they must give 10% of their salaries to the pastor.

I even heard one of my employees telling me that in Christ Embassy, there is what is called ‘The First Month Fruit’, whereby your first salary, you give to the church. I can’t imagine it. I can’t wait to start prosecuting those churches. Can you imagine your first month salary given to the church? 10% of your income is given to the church. I cannot believe that. 100 people will give their 10% to the pastor or give first month of their salaries to the pastor. One crazy pastor goes to buy helicopter and says it is God; they are giving God money. But in Saintism religion, what would happen is: you have 100 Saintists, because those who practice Saintism are called Saintists.

So, you have 100 Saintists in an assembly. Out of those 100 Saintists in an assembly, five may be multi-millionaires. What those five multimillionaires would do is to look for people in the assembly they want to share their wealth with. Each multi-millionaire in that Saintists’ assembly might draw 20 people. If there are five millionaires, that means they have drawn 100 people. By the time they have shared their wealth with 100 people, they have made 100 people multi-millionaires, that is Saintists’ practice. In the Saintism assembly for example, Bill Gates makes Microsoft computers. If Microsoft goes for 500 Pounds, in Saintism practice, Bill Gates will give Microsoft computers for $50 to every person, so that everyone will have a computer. In Saintism practice, even when the ordinary persons are practicing Saintism, the mannas they give… In Saintism practice, the receiver receives manna, the giver gives manna. In Saintism practice, there is nothing that is called money or development, it is called manna. The giver gives manna and the receiver takes mannas. In a Saintism assembly, you will find out that the giver is happy to go to a Saintism assembly and the receiver is happy to come to a Saintism assembly. In a Saintism assembly, all the millionaires who come there are looking for people to give their Manna. Those who equally attend Saintism assembly are looking to go and receive manna.


Can you shed light on how millionaires and billionaires can be members of saintism assembly?

The only time we heard of manna was that it fell from heaven. In Saintism Assembly, you may want to pay your house rent this month, and in Saintism practice, you may give that house rent to your neighbour to pay his own house rent first. Nobody will know that you have given it to your neighbour. Somebody like Donald Trump may have a billion Dollar. In Saintism practice, he now decides: “How many people do I want to share my one billion Dollar with?” When you say Donald Trump is worth $50 Billion, $50 billion simply means 50 billion pieces of paper. If $50 billion is in an account, what are you going to do with that? It is vanity. What you have in the account is vanity. Don’t forget, he already has his house, he already has his helicopter, he already has a jet. Don’t even forget that the $50 billion is $50 billion net value for the year 2016, because next year, he is going to make more money. In Saintism practice, he calls 2,000 Americans, he shares his wealth equally. In one hour, he (Donald Trump) has made 2,000 Americans multi-millionaires.

He does not even need to know them. He will just get their list and bank accounts. All they (the receivers) will see in the morning is $1million, $2million in their bank accounts, depending on how he wants to share the money equally. In Saintism practice, Goodluck Jonathan has just left Nigeria’s presidency. If you check his net value now, he could be worth a billion Naira. A billion Naira is sitting in the account, there is nothing you are going to do with it. You already built your mansion, you already have your cars. In Saintism practice, you bring a billion Naira, you call 500 Nigerians, you share the wealth with them. That is Saintism practice. It is the best practice, because with Saintism practice, we are going to have Garden of Eden on earth, according to how the Holy Bible has depicted it.

In Saintism practice, you cannot say you are doing charity. You are a millionaire, you are going to give 10,000 Dollars to a beggar! That is nonsense. In Saintism practice, know you share your wealth with people. You are happy when people share your wealth with you. In Saintism practice, you are telling me Beyonce is valued $900 million. She has everything. What is the $900 million doing in the bank? In Saintism practice, Beyonce should count 900 Americans and share $900 million with them. In one hour, every American has received one million Dollars in their account. That is Saintism practice. And in Saintism practice, you have what is called ‘Saintist-Saint’.


Alexia-ThomasYou said church as it is today is satanic, elaborate?

Something also amazes me about the church. The church is satanic. Let me educate you. I sat down about three weeks ago, I was watching people being put to death. They were about 100 of them. It was in 1937, during the Hitler era of the Second World War. These men were not criminals, these men were pilots, these men were soldiers, these men were accused of treason, espionage. These men were professors, these men were men of knowledge. For one reason or the other, Hitler’s ideology was human destruction. How dare they talk against him? In this video, I could not believe that at the point of these men dying, they died like cowards. I could not believe it. The worst death is death by strangulation, hanging. Do you know when they were going to kill these men, the killing started in the morning, it did not end until the night because the camera went dark. What amazed me about this killing was that as they brought them from the room they were, you could see a priest; you could see a cardinal wearing the priest’s uniform, talking to them. You could see that these men could have fought back, but these priests and these cardinals in the church were assuring these men not to worry, to accept to die.

The sad thing about the killing of these men; you know that death by strangulation is painful. The most difficult death. What stops you from holding one man and then a shot on the brain and you just die once and for all? You could see these pastors walk these men out of the room, they had their hands down, they did not tie them. They did not force them, but the pastors walked them to the gallows of death. When they got to the staircase to climb the hanging chamber, they gave the hands to their killers who tied their hands. As they walked them up to the gallows of death, you could see the pastors standing by their side, and you could see them tying their legs and putting this rope on their neck. They hung one, they hung two, they hung three, they hung four, they hung over 50. In the hanging, the cardinals who were part of it, who were convincing these prisoners; only God knows what they might have told them. You could see that these cardinals have two different uniforms: one was wearing white, one was wearing black.

These cardinals who call themselves God’s children. The sad thing, these men were old men. This is not just like a 47 year old priest, these are old men of 87 years old, 75 years old, who had the power to tell the government, “sorry, I will not be at the point of dying. God did not kill them. God did not put them to death”. These men came there; they came there to mock God. They could have actually worn suits and ties, they were wearing priests uniform. They wore the garment of God and watched men kill men. As they were killing them, you could see after they had finished hanging them, you could see the priests walking down the stairs of the gallows of death, chatting with the killer of the men, smiling. I could not believe it. These men of God had the power to say to the killers of men: “No, you cannot kill them, no, we will not be there; no, you cannot kill them”. The church is satanic, I am coming, I will give you deeper reasoning.

It is so funny. The church; you can imagine in prison, they have chapels. You can imagine in Immigration Detention Centers, they have chapels there. How can you have church in prison? Which means that the church has been playing a conspiracy role with the government to suppress the people. The church has been playing a conspiracy role of killing confraternity, legislative confraternity with the government. One, the church knows that no man has the right to put any man in prison, no man has the right to kill any man. Now, they lock a prisoner in prison for 10 years, they lock a prisoner in prison for five years. There is a chapel there. What is the chapel doing in prison? The prison is built by government to oppress man, because men will do what they think they should do, but government wants to continue to run tyrannical dictatorship; so they lock up men.


What do you think should be the church’s role to the prisoners?

The role of the church, because the church knows that the prisoner can uprise and break the jail, because they have a right. Guess what the Church does? The Church convinces them to accept it is God’s will for them to be locked up. That is the duty of the church. That is why the church is there, because normally, in a prison, there should be no church, because it is not God’s will that man should be locked up. If they were building prison, the church as an association will tell the government: “We cannot build our church in prison, because that is satanic.” When you lock up a man in shackles, you oppress a man and sentence him. No man has the right to lock up another man. If the state is building prison, the church should be ashamed to allow themselves to have a chapel in prison. What that simply means is when the prisoners are there for 10 years, the church brain-washes them: “Don’t worry, when you come out, you can start all over again; there is one God that will make you recover.” The church tells them: “Don’t worry, you still have two more years to go, just do your time, it will soon be over.” Can you imagine that brain-washing? It is a shame. Counseling them to accept oppression. Who has the right to sentence another man to prison for 15 years?

So, the will of the church in prison is actually to stop them from uprising. Every man who gets locked up for 10 years is not an animal. Even the lion in the jungle is free to wonder in the jungle. How dare you lock up a man for 10 years, no matter the offence?


Prof.-Thomas-Pic-2-276x300Tell us the ordeal of the colored and black people in detention centers.

In detention centers where they lock up coloured and black people, there is chapel there, because the blacks in detention centers actually have the power to uprise and fight all the guards and security men. But the church tells them: “Come to church and pray. God will do some miracles.” When the prisoners could have fought their way into freedom, the church is counseling them. The chapel in detention is to counsel them to accept oppression and remain there. They (the prisoners) keep imagining: “don’t worry, tomorrow, when I go to court tomorrow, there might be a miracle in court.” How can that be? And guess what? The sad thing about the whole issue is that the church has become so exploitative. The government is too smart. Do you know why government is allowing the church to do the evil they do unto their coloured brothers, taking their 10% income; the government knows that the church is helping them to suppress the people’s right.

A man does not have paper for 10 years, they (UK Government) has not given you paper, yet one pastor tells you to get paper is God’s miracle. Let me pray for you: “Heavenly Father, you need to give him paper”. Is that not madness? A man has been shackled for 15 years, but because the government knows that the church is assisting them to brain-wash the coloured people… The church is meant to brain-wash the coloured people.


How can millionaires experience Saintism religion here?

Every millionaire needs to start observing saintism religion. They need to begin to share their wealth with people they know and people they don’t know. Pastor Adeboye; I command him today, to begin to practice Saintism religion. All that money the church has donated to him, he used in buying helicopter, I ask him today to go on the streets and start looking for all the beggars in Nigeria to share his wealth with them. He cannot keep it in his bank account claiming it is God’s. Christianity is a borrowed religion. The white man brought it to Africa and made all Africans to destroy their gods, their juju. Every African should go back and re-enact their juju. The only thing Africans are not allowed to do is to use human blood to worship their juju. The white man’s Christian religion is oppression. They want to continue to oppress the rights of the black people. How can the church, more than 10,000 churches here in UK, keep their mouths shut and not tell their black brothers: “Go on the streets and fight for your rights?’ They waste your 10 years; they waste your 15 years. You go to one church and say: “Pastor, God has done a miracle for me, I got my paper, shame on you.” Shame on you, shame on the coloured people. You got paper, 15 years of your life is wasted. It is a piece of paper, it means nothing.


Why do you always say millionaires are criminals?

The people you call millionaires. Do you know the people you call millionaires? Anybody who calls themselves millionaire is an exploiter, is a criminal. Every millionaire is a criminal. You know why? A millionaire is someone who trades money for money. For every 100 Pounds, you trade for 300 Pounds you have actually exploited 200 Pounds from somebody. Those people who call themselves millionaires, they have businesses. For every business that you invest a 100 pounds or 100 Naira, to sell for 300 pounds, it means from every person, you have actually taken 200, 200 Pounds from them. So, the multiplication of exploitation from human beings is what makes you a millionaire. You are actually not a millionaire; you are just a criminal. That is what you are. Every millionaire is a criminal. They invent a product, they sell it. The cost of multiplying effect of selling one Pound to earn five Pounds is what is called millionaireism. For every one million they sell one pound to earn five Pounds, they have exploited the ordinary men. So, you are not a millionaire, but you an exploiter. You have just exploited the vulnerable ones who have to survive on that product you have brought to the market.

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