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The only adjective that suffices here is crazy. And that’s because this is not an everyday occurrence, especially in the corridors of power where the trio once held sway.
As a matter of fact, it is widely believed, or rather assumed, that subordinates should not go near their boss’ mistresses. But the reverse is the case here. A subordinate was actually caught ‘shinning’ his oga’s ‘congo’.
According to YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine sources, both of them had been at it for long, and with the story filtering into the boss’ ears once in a while. For reasons no one has been able to decode, however, the boss, a ruthless man, pretended to be unperturbed. But silently, he set a trap for the duo.
Anyway, not long after, one of his spies rushed to inform him one day that his deputy and ‘their mistress’  was at it again inside one of the chalets around. The boss abandoned what he was doing, rushed there and caught them red handed. Screaming in his characteristic style, he told his deputy, ‘so you’ve been eating your oga’s food?’ And getting no response after a few minutes from the guilt-ridden man, he turned to their mistress, now drenched with shame, snapping his first and third fingers, saying, ‘you are just a disgrace and you will definitely pay for this’.
He stormed out of the place angrily, and months later announced the mistress’ sack in a minor cabinet reshuffle. For his deputy, they became both public and private enemies who daily fought.
Alphabets A, O and F play prominent roles in the lives of these three people and they are all on the dark side.

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