‘STOP SLEEPING WITH MY FRIEND’S HUSBAND!’ – Popular socialite’s wife humiliates star actress

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She claims to be married and yet still sleeps around. She is not too tall, not too fat and on the fair side, thanks to bleaching. She plays big in the Yoruba movie sector and has alphabets B and O beginning her name and surname respectively. She was thoroughly disgraced by the wife of her lover’s friend recently. Both of them had gone visiting the man at home and his wife will have none of that – even when the ‘Dudu’ man tried explaining to her that as a Muslim, he is entitled to more than one wife.
The woman went on and on, ranting and shouting that until that was officially sorted out, the man had no right to come to her home with his girlfriend. And not even her husband could tame her as she was obviously so bitter and furious.
Splashing the actress with names like husband snatcher, home breaker, ashawo and even refusing to serve her – water, drink or food – she had no option than to go back to the car, all alone, thoroughly disgraced and humiliated, when the heat kept increasing. In anger, her socialite lover quickly followed suit. Vowing never to visit his friend ever again.
The socialite in question is from Kwara State and always knows ‘De Way’. He used to be based in America with the friend whose home he visited with his lover, not knowing that madam was in town and both of them were thoroughly messed up. Alphabets O and I occupy special positions in his life. For the friend whose wife would have none of that nonsense, alphabets B and O begin his.
The ugly story is currently trending, even though some of the people involved are struggling to snuff life out of it. The rubbished actress is in her 30s and did very well in her interpretation of her roles in Yoruba flicks like Durotimi and Ebi Olokada.
She has vowed to pay back the woman in her own coin, a highly reliable source who was there on that sad day told YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine. And we are waiting and watching.

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