“The Bridge Is Looking More Beautiful Than Ever” – Commuters Laud Life Lager Over New Lights On The Niger Bridge


Commuters moving in and out of the South-Eastern part of Nigeria have had more than just the freedom to travel again to cheer about, as Life Lager’s lighting of the Niger Bridge has brought another cause for excitement.


Following the lift of the ban on interstate travel, Life Lager Beer embarked on a mission to welcome commuters back on the road with beautiful bright lights on the Niger Bridge.


The Niger Bridge, which represents a key part of the commercial history of southeast Nigeria has been an integral symbol for the Life Lager brand. The brand has used the bridge as a touchpoint to communicate with its numerous consumers, often branding it with faces of their ambassadors as well as billboards that share important reminders of what they stand for.


This time around, the beer brand is using its branding of the bridge as an opportunity to share a message of hope and self-preservation as the words “Enjoy Life Responsibly” can clearly be made out of the shining decorative. This initiative comes as a follow-up to an earlier campaign by the brand to encourage its consumers to stay strong and show solidarity with them as the world continues to fight the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


Omotunde Adenusi, Portfolio Manager Mainstream Brands, NB Plc., said that; “The Lighting up the Niger Bridge is symbolic to the brand’s ideology of hope and progress.“


Along with the new branding, Life Lager also released a new theme song featuring two of the South East’s biggest music stars, Flavour and Phyno, who are also ambassadors of the brand. The theme song is expected to spread their message of hope even farther to more of their consumers in the region.


First brewed in 1981 in Onitsha, Anambra State, Life Lager Beer has stayed true to its mantra of progress, transcending the status of a regional beer brand to become the biggest beer in the country. The brand remains well known for its rich taste and strong southeastern roots.

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