THE OTHER SIDE OF FAILURE, By Daniel Folorunso Adebola


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What could be at the other side of failure was the question that arose on my mind when I saw this book. I first asked: What will be at that side? Is there another thing apart from success at the other side of failure? My answer was right and I know your guess is also as correct as mine. The author of this book, Daniel Folorunso said, “The fear of failure is more dangerous than failure itself. This is probably the greatest force that is keeping many people below their potential. It may interest you to know that the fear of failure is a major setback for a successful life.”  I also believe that the most talented people are not the most successful; people don’t succeed professionally and maritally because they have all the knowledge about how it works. Greatness comes to them because they try again and again, every time they fail.
The author of The Other Side of Failure, Daniel Folorunso, quoted Baudjum in his book, when he said, “No matter how hard you work for success, if your thought is saturated with the fear of failure, it will kill your efforts, neutralize your endeavours and make success impossible.” The fear of failure will make you sick, run your passion dry, and kill your vision if you don’t deal with it today.
The mysteries of men are hiding in their stories. Learning from them will help you become a better person also. What you are facing is not new , somebody has passed through it and had overcome it and the best thing for you to do is to learn from them.
The author pointed out in the book how you can use your mind to develop success and believe you me; if you don’t work on your mind to see victory, it will not happen in reality.
The Other Side of Failure is a book packaged to push you away from the side of fear to success. It’s a book that will open your eyes to conquer every mountain confronting you; you don’t have to quit on your dream because of the things happening around you. Don’t give up on your child because he or she is not acting the way you want.
Your marriage is so important, don’t think you are with the wrong person. In marriage, there is no right or wrong person. It’s the way you treat the person that shows if he or she is wrong or right. In the book, you will also learn how success hides itself inside challenges. It will amaze you.
Log on to to get an e-copy of the book, The Other Side Of Failure, by Daniel Folorunso Adebola or call 08070363393 to order for your copy, because in the book, you will find inspirational tools that will always keep you motivated. How to deal with procrastination and lots more are equally inside.

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