Top Actor Arrested Making Love In Open Field!

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Nollywood is just full of crazy people. Or how does one describe this action by one of the top actors. Obviously operating under the influence of alcohol, and after a swell time at Ojez Restaurant, inside National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, he chatted up a prostitute who consented to a quickie. But rather than go get a short-time room, they decided to enjoy a fast one at a corner of the stadium – an open field actually, YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine learnt.
It was while both of them were already basking in the heat of the moment, stark naked, and having the fun of their lives, that a police patrol team appeared from nowhere, and quickly confiscated their clothes. Thereafter, they shouted and both sinners were brought back to reality like, Adam and Eve in the Bible. Covered with shame and still totally naked, they began pleading for their clothes to be released. Trust our wicked police officers, they asked them to move into their patrol van without any clothes on. Inside the patrol van, our actor went on his knees begging that his marriage and career would be ruined should the ‘info’ leak.
Eventually, a fee of N50,000 was agreed on, which our actor didn’t have there. But like it normally happens on the set of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, he had to call a friend, who eventually came to his rescue around 2am. The actor’s identity? He’s from the South South, tall and has alphabet K beginning one of his names. His wife is on the bulky side and they have about two children. The guy is also very, very funny.

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