Top Actress Blamed For Flamboyant Content Provider’s Failed Multi-Billion Business!

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Nigeria is forever bubbling and sizzling with stories. Both shocking and the not-so-shocking.

The latest one at our disposal has to do with a flamboyant content provider who has alphabets S and T beginning his name and surname with one of Nigeria’s biggest actresses ever. The latter has alphabets I and N occupying prominent places in hers.

The gentleman who ‘confronted the lion in its den’ and was thoroughly bruised and battered trained as a lawyer. Diminutive and on the dark side, he once had the world at his feet, with celebs and non-celebs practically eating from his palms then.

Becoming very, very reckless at a point, some wrong business moves cost him a very lucrative multi-billion Naira business – which he still hasn’t and may never, never recover from.

Cavorting with women of different shapes and sizes when the going was good, one of those now being blamed for his fall from grace to grass is this prominent actress.

Equally on the dark side and extremely beautiful, YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine was reliably informed that the guy lavished money on her then as if it was going out of fashion.

From funding her regular trips abroad, and strictly on first class, to buying her some of the most exotic automobiles and even a cute property in highbrow, Ikoyi, Lagos, the actress was simply pampered silly and exquisitely.

The unfortunate thing, however, is that no sooner did the guy run into troubled waters than the wicked actress dump him. Shocking all those that knew them then as well as those who still get to hear their story.

The ‘High’-performing guy and ‘Rippling’ actress were well known in the man’s Victoria Island, Lagos office then. And also his cute abode.

But everything ended when things fell apart for the man, with the centre unable to hold any further.

The heart-broken lover boy is from the West and his estranged lover from the East.

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