Top Minister Who Sleeps With Married Women Exposed!

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Why are some people so wicked and evil? Imagine a minister whose only pastime is sleeping with married women!

Very naughty and hairy, nothing gladdens this man’s heart like being a-top other people’s wives. Including his friends; whom he enjoys stylishly humiliating. According to YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine findings, he’s been engaging in this horrible and despicable act nearly all his life. And from the look of things, there’s obviously no stopping him yet.

‘The man has been like that nearly all his adult life. I don’t know whether he does it for ritual purposes or belongs to any cult, but the truth remains that he doesn’t date single ladies; only married women.

‘As a matter of fact, I think this whole thing started when he got into politics. The man, by the way, is one of the most decorated politicians from his state. He has been almost everything, and he’s still in power or let me say the corridors of power.’

From one of the first three states in Nigeria, he almost lost his life at some point after being caught cavorting with a married woman. And he’s so reckless that he sometimes forgets to take them to hotels, but does it right in his office.’

Always wanting to be seen as a good Christian, this controversial and combustible politician will never, never be forgotten by Nigerians for so many reasons.

Usually wearing a smile, which he deploys to disarm these shameless women, including his influence, which he enjoys peddling, his secret is gradually becoming public knowledge. His name and surname fall within the first 15 alphabets. He is also uniquely endowed.

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