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Rumour mongers have gone to work again – and this time they are zooming in on the nocturnal activities of two Police men, who according to them, allegedly indulge in homosexuality. Can you imagine that? Alphabets M and F begin their names – and both men are good looking. One is from the North and the other is from the East. One is dark and one is fair. One served under the other, which allegedly aided his meteoric rise.
One is currently down with a strange ailment while the other now wears pampers all over the place – due to the extensive damage done to his backside. Their shocking and shameful dalliance is daily being discussed in hushed tones, but by only those who are in the know.
Homosexuality, by the way, means sexual attraction or sexual behaviour between members of the same sex or gender.
Both the Christian and Islamic religions abhor it. Likewise the Constitution of Nigeria. In fact, to indulge in it could earn one a 14-year jail term.
But here are these two top cops allegedly indulging in it…and attracting hushed comments and condemnation by their colleagues.

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