Veteran Actor, Sadiq Daba Back In Hospital As His Sickness Relapses


Veteran actor and television presenter, Sadiq Daba, is back in the hospital. His sickness, which many thought had been permanently contained, relapsed again.

Below, and unedited, is how award-winning journalist, Azuka Jebose, who broke the story put it:



My dear friends and followers, about two years ago, we heard and responded to Sadiq Daba’s plea for help: we funded care for his severe medical challenges. The nation rose and responded to that call to action to save our iconic actor. We were happy when he showered us with an uplifting smiles and appreciations for our financial supports to save him from prostate cancer…

It’s been two years since.

Sadiq is very ill again. He was rushed to the oxygen Emergency unit of LUTH in Lagos. Sadiq has been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD.

In an emergency Whattsapp message to me this morning, Sadiq expressed thus:”Yes, was rushed down here, afte near fatal collapse early Sunday morning!! Couldn’t breathe, chest congested, weak and couldn’t walk… but , believe me, God Almighty was at and beside me Azuka; got to the Hospital in nick of…. it would have been a different story!! I am presently on Oxygen,and Nebulizers, Drips etc, since I got admitted!!!!! Right now, I am traumatized… don’t know what to do…..Azuka, I cannot dictate what I will WANT you to do!! Do what you think right to get me out of this DIRE situation!! You know the history of my affliction and it’s CONSEQUENCES!! Surgery is out of the question, part of my left Lung will have to be removed, and there’s no 100% guarantee of survival… and the cost is out of this world… but, the good news is that the team here in Nigeria ( LAGOS UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL ) think differently !!.,, I was Rushed to the Emergency Ward with my Oxygen level at below 70%!! God was invariably in CONTROL!! My survival NOW counts on you and what you CAN DO…. one favor you can push for … is HELP from OTEDOLA and the likes, your amazing Facebook friends and fans outreach. Please Nigerians I need you to save me now with any donation….”

My people, we began this mission to save Sadiq two years ago. We cannot abandon him now. We need your financial support, again to manage his care. His situation is extremely critical as expressed by these photos. Please help Sadiq.

Thank you for donating thus:

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Abubakar Sadiq Daba

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