As the winner of the 2015 presidential election settles down, Nigerians have begun making their demands. Below are some of the things they told YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine they want…


Danny Young (Musician)

My expectation is that he brings positive change, a progressive government that has the interest of the largest number of people, a government that would make the change we have all been craving for possible. With that, Nigeria can move ahead in peace and unity.


Segilola Oluwole (Business woman)
Hmmm! That is a loaded question.
Let’s start with honesty and accountability. I want a firm President who is fair, reasonable, objective, etc. Someone who can move Nigeria back unto the international playing board.


Usman Oladipupo (Teacher)

Jobs, good security for lives and property, good welfare for workers, good relationship with other countries, reduction in the cost of goods. Provide salaries for all old, aged people, free health care for all citizens.


Micheal Irabor (Student)
Rapid increase in employment, better power supply, reduction of the salary of the so called members of the National Assembly, which should be diverted to the oil and agricultural sectors. And to sum it up, I would want the oil refineries to be renovated, and if renovation isn’t possible, it should be destroyed and rebuilt. We have the finance to reconstruct them.


Olabode Mac Oserinde (Entrepreneur)
I don’t expect anything other than for him to embark on serious redemption of our dying economy and battered image. No time for funfair. Enough of jamboree with tax payers’ money! We need an investor-friendly environment to enable job creation and rapid growth in our economy. Also, the education sector should be given serious attention.
Further to that, the new government should put up an agency or high-wired team for the purpose of revamping some of our nation’s wasted investment. One of them is the Pacific Printing Press (a subsidiary of Nigerian Printing and Minting Company) which sits atop a large expanse of land and left to rot away as home for rodents et al for close to two decades!


Dada Helen (Student)
I believe people have different expectations, but as for me, let them act according to their manifesto. I expect more job opportunities and power supply. If not constant, at least better supply.


Justice Augustine (Entrepreneur)

He should create jobs, electricity, good roads and grow the economy.


Tola Adeosun (Teacher)
The President should make Nigeria a place to be proud of.

Ossy cole

Ossy Cole (Entrepreneur)

I expect a responsible President who won’t blame others, but himself if he fails to take this country to the promised land.


Titilope Joseph (Journalist)
The president should try to prove that he is indeed different from past rulers and do everything to ease the pain and struggle of the masses because whatsoever you do today will definitely be made reference to in the nearest future.


Kehinde Salau (Journalist)
Good government. I expect him to normalize our economy.


Gbolagun Arulogun Modupe (Civil Servant)
First, the President should tackle the issue of security because if we are not safe, every other thing cannot be put in order. Also, he should help in the area of youth empowerment and employment for the graduates. Thirdly, our President should look deeply and act in the health and educational sectors. God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Kikelomo Adewunmi Obaoye (Entrepreneur)
The winner should, irrespective of the party, have the fear of God. This goes a long way in managing the presidency. He should serve with integrity and honesty. He should be judicious with our money as well as our God-given resources. He should fight corruption and reduce it to the barest minimum. The President should also focus on infrastructure, unemployment, education and social amenities for all Nigerians to enjoy. Remember, this seat is not meant for you to embezzle our money.


Elizabeth Nweze (Apprentice)
Nigeria’s President should create more job opportunities, especially for youths, build and repair roads, paying particular attention to federal roads in the South East and South South and finally draw up appropriate measures to check incessant strike actions in various sectors in Nigeria.


Desmond Ike (Entrepreneur) 

I want the President to concentrate on improving the power situation in Nigeria, improve on the country’s economy as well as security.


Ngozi Eucheria Udenevo (Media Consultant)
Three things I expected from the President: one, let there be stable power supply irrespective of what it will cost him to achieve it. Two, he should ensure that Nigeria is restored back to a more secured and peaceful country like we used to be in the 80’s and three, he must make sure that all our hospitals become indeed health institutions for all to get adequate attention.


Omotosho Usman (Journalist)
He should fight corruption squarely. Corruption has remained the bane of Nigeria’s development. It is really crippling the economic growth of the country. The menace is observed to have eaten deep into every sector; economy, judiciary, education, power and oil, among numerous others. Latest in the annals of the country is corruption in the military. I believe if corruption is curbed, half of Nigeria’s problems is solved. There is also a need for value re-orientation among the youths.
Security of lives and property is another area of concern. The President should overhaul our security apparatus to meet up with the global demand. They should also be provided with modern and sophisticated weapons to enable them tackle the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-Eastern part of the country. Another area is diversification of our economy from the oil-based revenue and look inward to culture and tourism. Agriculture is another viable area. The global shortfall in the price of crude is expected to have taught us enough lesson on the need to improve the economic fortune of Nigeria.


Bashiru Tanimowo (Entrepreneur)
Our new President should please install electricity.


Kalejaiye Eunice (Club Owner)
He should eradicate corruption and unemployment. Build refineries in Nigeria and bring down taxes on import duties.


Foluso Samuel (Publisher)
He must first work on how to diversify the economy. There is too much reliance on oil while other sectors of the economy suffer. More attention is needed in agriculture, tourism, artisanship and other ventures. Above all, electricity supply should be improved on and he should tackle the issue of security. If we can do all these, Nigeria will be back on the path to glory.

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