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Why Today Is About To Be The Greatest Day Of The Month!

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If you have been following our social media pages, then you know a bit of the gist on the  #MTNPulseCampusInvasion. If you haven’t, fret not – ‘we gat you’!

The biggest campus rave in Nigeria – Pulse Campus Invasion – is back and has taken the University of Benin (UNIBEN) hostage since Monday, October 28, 2019! Have you missed much? Well, you have only missed 2 days of awesomeness but you can be forgiven because the next 3 days are so promising, it will be a near travesty to miss.

We’ll give you the #ICYMI gist later. For now, we are focusing on what will happen at the Prof. Iyayi Hall, UNIBEN, in a few hours. What’s happening today and why will it be great?

At 10:00 am, the popular Pulse Talk Series is having a huge comeback with some Nigerian heavyweights and we are not ready. We will do our best to spend the next few hours wisely.

Why so amped? Just read about this morning’s line up:

Photographer extraordinaire, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, will be chatting with us on how to transform our passion into profit. And coming from the man that has transformed what he had into what he is now, we are dragging a carton’s worth of notebooks to fill up with wisdom!

Former UNIBEN student, Steve Harris, will return to his alma mater to show us how he made it out and stayed out. The life coach and business strategist showed us how to woo the perfect babe in 2018 and we are anxious to see what anecdotes he will be throwing our way today.

Oladipupo Macjob, mental health awareness advocate and graphologist, has been through hell and back and he still has his wits about him. How did he do it and how is he helping others do so, as well? We are itching to find out!

Judging from the turn out for the Pulse Talk Series last year, we are getting to the hall an hour early so that we can save a seat!

You can follow our Instagram and twitter handles, for the full gist.

The Invasion will get to you, anywhere!

And erm… Should we tease you about tomorrow’s celebrity visit or do we let you try to get over what will happen today?

PS: #GuessWho is heading to UNIBEN as we speak?!

Have a ‘Pulse’ worthy day….


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